My Cochlear Implant Sentence Recognition Screening Test: Zero to 91%

I had a hearing screening test today to see how well (or poorly) I do with my new cochlear implant!

Speech Recognition With Hearing Aids

hearing test sentence recognition screening boothBut, first, here’s a short little backstory from when I was trying out new hearing aids. Remember, I was at my wits’ ends with not being able to hear and sought a better solution to my problem. I was open to the idea of getting a cochlear implant as I had pretty much given up on the possibility of stem cell treatment anytime soon. Unfortunately, before being declared eligible for a cochlear implant I had to try the latest hearing aid technology.

Having had these hearing aids to try out for an entire month, I was required to take a screening test to see how much the hearing aids improved my speech recognition. Pfft! I already knew they were a lost cause. My sentence recognition with high-tech hearing aids was 0%. Wow! The bad news is that I couldn’t hear a lick even with a little help. Boo! The good news is that that meant that my doctor would give me a thumbs-up to having cochlear implant surgery. Yay!

Speech Recognition With Cochlear Implant

Okay, now fast-forward to the present. This time I took the same hearing test but with my brand spanking new cochlear implant. <insert drum roll please> Granted, I was a nervous wreck and figured I’d bomb the test since I’d only had my implant activated for a couple of months. There was still a lot of learning that my ears and brain had to do, so I didn’t expect much. Surely, I could hear a little better than those fancy transposition hearing aids.

Lo and behold, I was able to repeat 91% of the sentences that were spoken to me! Whoo-hoo!!! My audiologist said she’s never seen anyone get 91% on their sentence recognition hearing screening only a couple of months after surgery. She said her patients are lucky if they get as much as 70% sentence recognition with their implants.

I’m so happy!

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Michelle (aka "Chelle") is owner/founder of Shel-Shok, LLC (marketing agency) and Green Matter, Limited (environmental education). She started losing her hearing back in the '90s for no known reason. In 2011, she had surgery for a cochlear implant, which has dramatically changed her life. Since then, her aim has been to educate others and eliminate stigmas associated with hearing loss.

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