pic of Michelle in PJs and robe with head bandagedUp at 10 am; a little wobbly but not much pain in my head this morning.  Mom fixed scrambled eggs, toast, applesauce and bacon, which I was able to chew better today. Eating light foods until I’m sure I can hold it down okay. The patch on my neck containing slow-release nausea medicine seems to be working wonders.

A pretty lazy day today – not much I can do in this state. I fooled around on the computer (read: hung out on Facebook) and sat talking to my mom a bit. Great time to catch up on some mother-daughter time. Also took a few photos of my head. Bandages can come off this afternoon.

Today, I noticed a different kind of noise in my ears, almost like hearing aid feedback. Really weird. I’m guessing it’s just my ears healing up from where the electrodes were inserted. (If you didn’t watch the cochlear implant surgery videos, you’re missing out on a full explanation of the procedure including actual footage of surgery and supplemental graphics showing you exactly what they are doing throughout the videos.)

Took some Tylenol instead of the narcotic pain meds as I didn’t feel I needed them and I don’t like feeling drugged and loopy. Then I took nap around 3:30. Didn’t wake up ’til 7:45. Still feeling a bit tired from the surgery or maybe the drugs that are still in my system.


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Michelle (aka "Chelle") is owner/founder of Shel-Shok, LLC (marketing agency) and Green Matter, Limited (environmental education). She started losing her hearing back in the '90s for no known reason. In 2011, she had surgery for a cochlear implant, which has dramatically changed her life. Since then, her aim has been to educate others and eliminate stigmas associated with hearing loss.

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