NetflixToday was a pretty uneventful, yet rainy, day. I sat around the house on the computer and watched streaming online episodes of LOST on Netflix. I had tried a few times to watch it while it was on TV but I never could quite follow what was going on. Now that I started with season 1, episode 1, I have become addicted and understand why I was so lost trying to watch LOST.

Interestingly enough, LOST is one of the few movies or TV episodes available on Netflix with closed captioning. That’s actually how I came to start watching it because I had trouble finding streaming videos with captions. I conducted an online search to see if I could find a list of videos that had captioning when I learned about LOST. In fact, Netflix has been the target of deaf groups over their lack of captioning. In February, Netflix was interviewed by The NY Times on their views on offering closed captioning for their streaming videos. Over the next few months, Netflix will have been sued by the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) for failing to offer closed-captioning on enough of its streaming content. I don’t know what has become of the suit, I imagine it will be going on for some time.

A little side note on LOST… they didn’t have a deaf or hard-of-hearing person that I can remember;  however, the cast of the show is the most diverse of any American show. Not only did they throw in some blacks, but there are also Koreans, Jews and Europeans to name a few.

Anyway, as for my post-surgery condition, I’m finding that I don’t need to take Tylenol as often, and the pain is greatly reduced except for occasional pulling of the stitches and some occasional sharp pains shooting through the side of my face. The dizziness seems to be going away, very slowly but surely.

I’m so anxious to get my appointment to have the implant activated but looks like I’ll have to wait until April 26th. Crossing my fingers for an earlier appointment during the week of the 20th. After that, and with a bit of practice, I hope to be able to watch streaming movies without needing the captions.

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Michelle Harris

Michelle (aka "Chelle") is owner/founder of Shel-Shok, LLC (marketing agency) and Green Matter, Limited (environmental education). She started losing her hearing back in the '90s for no known reason. In 2011, she had surgery for a cochlear implant, which has dramatically changed her life. Since then, her aim has been to educate others and eliminate stigmas associated with hearing loss.

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